Rock Baby meets trainee!

April 13, 2018

So, when I advertised for models on facebook for Marcus to get some training in the studio I wasn't expecting 97 replies!  Should have seen that coming I guess.  It was hard selecting the models for the shoots but we did go with people we knew partly because we wanted to be sure of the right type of shots/lighting and varying ages of children for Marcus to have on his first time in the studio.

Here is our little Rock baby, we chose a purple backdrop, mostly due to the fact that not many people choose this but we wanted to showcase what it would like like with the right model.  We love these images.  Can't believe what a good baby she was and also when we asked her to do an impersonation of Mick Jagger she just went ahead and did it! Check out the lips jagger shot.

Marcus did all the photography, getting her attention and with the help of her mummy and grandad the smiles just kept flowing.  We did this session in about 20 minutes not bad for a 1 year old.  If your thinking of trying something different, you have funky clothes, hats, accessories or props give us a call.  Its no extra to do something a little different we just need to know in advance to get the right backdrop and lights setup.

These shots where with the plain purple backdrop, 2 x ellinchrome soft boxes to the front (which we dropped one on some of the shots), a rear Ellinchrome light (1 stop higher with a grid honeycomb as a backlight), then the same with an orange filter.  Images have been edited in photoshop and using photostyler our fabulous set of filters that work like we used to in the dark room.

Well done Marcus you did a great first shoot with your first toddler/baby.  Marcus will be working alongside Hayley in the studio during the summer season whilst Hayley is out doing weddings.  But don't worry he can make you just as happy!

Rock Baby meets trainee!
Rock Baby meets trainee!
Rock Baby meets trainee!
Rock Baby meets trainee!
Rock Baby meets trainee!
Rock Baby meets trainee!
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