Creating gifts from old 35mm slides

May 26, 2018

How many of us have parents with lots of 35mm slides?  In the 60's this was certainly the desired media of choice, how many of us would sit and watch whilst the white screen got put up and that projector delighted us all with pictures of our parents and grandparents on holidays, in the garden, beautiful landscapes that possible buildings that are no more.  Of course it helped if the person behind the camera knew how to use the camera, but in them days, they had to, there was no pre-empting the shot and re-taking it 20 times.

At Captcha we have started digitising people's 35mm slides and saving them in a digital format that they can reuse and reprint.  We have a good quality scanner that enables us to choose the correct resolution for enlargement.  Normally you can't enlarge too much without loosing the quality of the image, but we have some magic formula's up our sleeves.

After the scanning stage we then usually have to do some "touching up".  The downside of the 35mm slides is that can get quite dusty and dirty and when you are enlarging them it just makes the dust and dirt particles even bigger.  They can have a bit of chemical damage too, but thats OK we can usually fix this as well.

Once we have done that then we have packages to pop them on a USB/Disk or prints.  Here's a great image taken from a 35mm slide of one of our lovely clients dads on a pier on holiday.  We had it made into a 12"x16" canvas wrap for her to give as a gift to her step mum who never knew her dad at this age.  Its a lovely bygone picture which has made it into today and become a lovely piece of family art  for the home.

If you have some old family slides and want them digitised then look no further than your own local photography specialists.  We shall care for your memories as if they are our own.

Making moments come alive again!  Call us on 01509 852364 or email info@captcha.co.uk for details.

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