What happens in the free sessions?

August 4, 2023

So, your  interested in our free sessions? what are they all about and what do you get during your time in the studio?

 They can be booked for anything whether it is a toddler shoot, a family, a couple, pet, or even an updated website profile photo.

Allow a 30 minute window, to come in, get comfortable, a little chat and then start...we will photograph you for 15 minutes, during this time you can check your images on the computer screen.  Don't worry you dont have to choose then, its just to ensure that your happy with your images and have the right image you want to see.

The images will then be edited with some special effects, including black and whites and some effects that work well with certain looks.  Anything like smoothing of skin can be shown on a couple of images so you can see what we can do  (Its the cheapest botox on the planet!).  These will then be uploaded to our website on a private passworded gallery for you to view anywhere.  And...take your time in creating a short list.

We will also upload ideas of photo montages (like this one below) sometimes you get ideas at the studio and we can make notes and do these images to suit you, other times its to give you ideas.   Yes, we did all this in 15 minutes its amazing what fun kids can have in the studio.  Another top tip we show them their first few pictures on the computer then they get it and want to make more.  A square montage can be in a frame of any size.

The collection is then live for 3 months.  In that time you can order prints, digitals, montage layouts or frame layouts, keyrings, coasters, magnets, mini albums or coffee table books.  If your booking as part of a yearly shoot we will keep the images for a year to give you a baby's first year montage in a frame or a coffee table book.  You choose.

You can order on our website or on the phone, email or coming into the studio, especially if you want to play around with some montage ideas.

Why do we do these?  Well...we have regulars, we get to know what they like, their style, kids get comfortable with us and it makes sense to make it work for our clients.  Or, if you want toddler/baby shots but not sure your little one will take to it then this won't break the bank if it all goes wrong.  Or, you really only want 1 shot/photo and don't want a full on shoot.  Or, its your first time and its a taster.  Or, the kids school photos are absolutely awful....We do these to offer you choices.  Plus we are setup ready for you on our free days and the studio runs literally back to back with bookings.  It works for us too.

So, if your happy to go ahead, then just let us know your preferred free date and time and the backdrop you would like, or the shoot you would like.

Oh by the way if your happy and the weather is good we can do your 15 minutes over East Leake Meadow Park, which is beautiful too.

What happens in the free sessions?
What happens in the free sessions?
What happens in the free sessions?
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