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May 3, 2022

I cannot deny, these last 2 years have been a struggle and one of the hardest parts was speaking to brides and grooms and trying to help them make the painful decisions of whether they keep their wedding dates or move them.  If they moved them, then what date to and could we do it as photographers.

Thankfully I think in all the weddings we had re-booked there was just 1 we couldn't do.  But we have juggled so many balls in making this happen as have all our suppliers.  This year is no exception we have a variety of weddings that have moved sometimes 3 or 4 times and some that are brand new.   This is one on of our weddings where the couple and the family (they have 4 girls, have been so very patient) waiting 2 more years until their big day.  

The wedding of Donna and Spike.

The emotion in the room when Donna walked down was so high, the anticipation of 2 years...and a very proud dad.

Their daughters readings had us all in tears amazing words chosen by both of them.  And...so brave to speak in public at their mum and dads weddings.

That made even the toughest guy cry...

Moments like this, you cannot ask a couple to do, these moments just happen and are the most beautiful of images to take.

I never tire of seeing these its all about  being ready with the camera, with wedding days as you need to be "on it" every minute trying not to miss anything.  When someone says they have a wedding guest doing the photos I always wonder if they will be there getting these moments?  This is an anticipation that us experienced photographers will wait for.  Its being in the right time and the right place.

This wedding was at the Yew Lodge Hotel in Kegworth, Captcha are lucky to be their recommended photographer which means we work with their staff as a team, ensuring a dream day.

Straight after the wedding ceremony, out to get some "air" and that first private moment between them both.  (well, when I say private, them and my camera!).

Speeches...and those...oh no you didn't say that moment...

and the I'm the luckiest man on the planet moments...

 and the dancing queen with my girlies moments... 

So, to all the crazy pants family and friends, enjoy looking and reliving this wonderful day  as Donna and Spike will now do for many many years.

Thank you for being so blooming lovely! xx

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