Same wedding moment different lenses...2 photographers

May 22, 2020

e are often asked whats the benefit with 2 photographers at a wedding and this depends totally on your style of shots, venue and what you want from us.   Here is one of those benefits.

If you have 2 photographers, one is always more assertive (so the organising of the group heart shot from above), whilst the other is managing the people from below to get them in the right position.  Here's our "heart" from above...

All eyes focused on the upstairs window on the main photographer.  Meanwhile oblivious to what the 2nd photographer is doing downstairs these shots are obtained...

and this lovely look between the bride and groom...

and then when that big shot is all over and the "heart" has dispersed and nobody is really paying any attention to the 2nd photographer...we get this shot...

These are major benefits if you want some of those organised shots but then you are really wanting those casual moments and the real emotions from the day, with perfect positioning.  We love these elements of what we do because...we know they will happen and we know we need to be in the right place waiting to get "the moment", "the look", its these shots that everyone says, thats what I want shots like that completely natural.  Well, this is the result of an organised moment that becomes something natural, and it couldn't be obtained with just 1 photographer.

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