Feeling proud...Becky Lewis

July 28, 2017

I'm feeling proud, just like a mum, but I'm not a mum, I'm a "boss".  At least that's what Becky calls me when she introduces me to her fellow students.  I've just attended Becky's end of year exhibition and I am so very proud of everything that she has achieved.  I met this shy, pretty and quiet girl when she was barely touching her teens and now that same lady can organise and co-ordinate shoots, models, studio briefs and weddings with confidence, ease and knowledge.  Her photography has developed not just technically but her ballsy attitude and drive has given her some amazing portfolio shots from London Fashion week with some major leading icons.  Her studio portfolio with her work within the university for fellow students is stunning.

 Her end of year exhibition concentrates on fashion for the over 50's and how the industry has turned its back on this ever growing popular age group.  Inspired by her mum and aunty she has used her models to communicate this message in a great fashion shot from the front and also from the back!  So...world of fashion...don't turn your back on Becky Lewis!  She is out there and up for grabs.  From a very proud "boss" and friend.

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