East Leake Academy - Schools out...for some!

July 19, 2017

t was lovely watching the excitement and whoops of all the staff and teachers from East Leake Academy on Friday night saying goodbye to the pupils at the East Leake Academy prom.  I guess when you've got to know kids over a number of years and watched them grown, develop, change and blossom then it really can be like a bird waving goodbye to its chick!  

And...with a prom there is no school tie or jacket or rushing to get yourself together for school start time.  With a prom, there are days of choosing the right outfit, hours of preening hair and painting nails and looking so amazingly different to your average school day.  Its a chance to be together one last time to celebrate the passing of an educational journey an education not just in subjects but in growing up, learning so much about the world we live in and each other.  

So...is it any surprise that when the pupils let their hair down the teachers do too?  After all, what an amazing job they do.  So you think its tough putting up with an hormonal teenager over the summer holidays, well these guys have to do it all year round.  And they have to do so with the patience of saints and a minimum amount of bargaining tools!  So...is it any surprise that this happens at the end of the school prom?  Its enough to send any mild mannered human into a crazed phase of madness.  

Here is the link to the East Leake Academy Prom Pictures, passwords can be obtained by the cards on the tables or by contacting the office at East Leake Academy or ourselves here at Captcha Photography in East Leake, you can obtain digital images by the school or ourselves:

East Leake Academy Prom Night

To all of our Prom folk, we wish you success in your chosen paths, this is the start of a brand new chapter.  To all the teachers and staff...thank you...for being such a big part of our children's lives and choosing this crazy career!

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